Excellent Video of German STG 44

I’ve always wanted to have one of these in my collection. I think there’s a knockoff being made these days, but the real McCoy has always been what’s appealed to me. I don’t think many fully functional STG 44s made it over there though. This was the first assault rifle put into active use in war. If you want to see an excellent video of this gun, head over to the American Rifleman.

6 Responses to “Excellent Video of German STG 44”

  1. Andy says:

    Video which I can’t view on iPad. Sigh.

  2. Franksterm1 says:

    I watched it my Ipad with no problem, just saying.

  3. Tam says:

    Held one?

    Looking at pictures, it’s easy to get the idea that it’s some svelte, Kalashnikov-sized carbine…

    It’s a beast. Weighs more than a Garand. Like, a couple pounds more.

    • Sebastian says:

      Never held one. It’s amazing soldiers managed with guns that heavy. Audie Murphy was 5.5 and 110 pounds, but still had to schlep a Garand around Europe. That had to be murder. I know the only thing I ever heard out of my grandfather about the Garand was that it was too damned heavy. A few pounds more than a Garand? Yow.

  4. Andy says:

    Just worked on iPhone so I guess I rushed to judgement over what was probably a transient network issue. I apologize to the ghost of His Steveness.

  5. SPQR says:

    Its the Fallschirmgewehr 42 that I’ve always wished to own. Not an assault rifle, but an autorifle of full-power rifle cartidge.

    But not until I win at least two lotteries…