Rebranding Tacticool and Camo as Halloween

Found this in my mailbox this morning. Looks like this company decided to take its normal product line-ups and put them together in halloween packages. Creative, I have to say, but mostly made of fail. Watch the neighborhood dogs run in fear, or impress the guys on the range in July with the SWAT Halloween costume. I call this one, “Everyone thinks I’m Cousin It, but I’m really a bad ass sniper, dammit!“. This might be a good costume to trick or treat at Occupy Wall Street in, since the gas mask might help with the smell. How about the Lara Croft costume? Of course, many of these costumes are useless if you’re not open carrying a rifle or a pistol down the street. Thinking of attending “Booty Camp” this year? We have the costume for you. This year, with ol’ Morromar getting all Sic Semper Tyrannised recently, Libyan Rebel is certain to be the hot costume. Given the price of food in Libya these days, I’m not sure they’ll be making that one in XL. But if you want to pull off Fidel in his later years, they do make that costume in XL, and they’ll trade you the Keffiyeh for a nifty hat. I don’t know if the picture of Che in the background comes with it.

4 Responses to “Rebranding Tacticool and Camo as Halloween”

  1. Dannytheman says:

    Clever marketing spin. Better use of the Internet than most!!

  2. Andy says:

    Sportsman’s Guide has been doing that for years. For that matter, a surplus Finn gas mask, a broken Geiger counter, a white coverall suit from Home Depot and the words “I’m from the gov and I’m here to help” makes a great costume.

    They exist to sell stuff, however they can.

  3. Graumagus says:

    Speaking of re-branding, Hornady now has anti-zombie rounds.

    Nice tie in with season 2 of The Walking Dead.

  4. Aaron says:

    Does the Libyan rebel costume include some paper targets with no holes in them? (They’re apparently fairly bad marksmen)
    Is the included kaffiyah pristine and clean? (rebels apparently had an aversion to taking cover on the ground and in ditches).


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