Patriotic Pumpkin Carving

I’ve never been terribly inclined to decorate for Halloween. And while we might have an inordinate amount of pumpkin in our pantry this year, I don’t really do the whole pumpkin decoration thing. This or this would be about the closest I would come to that tradition.

Until now.

Turns out that Colonial Williamsburg makes pumpkin carving patterns for patriots. My favorites? The quote & the cannon.

I’m seriously thinking about getting a pumpkin this year just to try these out. It’s a lot better than our neighbor with the inflatable Death carriage.

3 thoughts on “Patriotic Pumpkin Carving”

  1. I live in Virginia and have never seen these. My wife and daugthers will love this selection for this year’s pumpkins.

    1. There are a lot more options on their webpage. I just picked out the two that would be the most likely to make CSGV cry into their coffee. :)

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