Lots of “Florida Loophole” Editorials Lately

A few weeks ago, the Philly papers started running “Florida Loophole” stories again. Once here in the Inquirer, then again in a different article. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has recently covered the topic.  I’m guessing this is part of Bloomberg’s push to defeat HR822, even though that act doesn’t have anything to do with “Florida Loophole,” since it does not force individual states to recognize other state permits for its own residents. Now yesterday, I notice an article in the St. Petersburg Times speaking about the issue.

Does anyone really expect us to believe this is a coincidence? That multiple papers just happened to start blasting on the “Florida Loophole” issue again, after months of saying nothing? I don’t believe it’s a coincidence. The Allentown Morning call also covered this issue, but I’m fairly certain this editorial didn’t happen at the prompting of gun control outfits.

4 thoughts on “Lots of “Florida Loophole” Editorials Lately”

  1. There will be a right to carry recognized and this tactic will be lost at that moment. Think about it, all MAIG has to argue on is a point that is at it’s heart unconstitutional.

    We’re winning…

  2. I do have to point out that the newspapers do all read one another; sometimes one gets nitwitted idea and the rest all +1 right after.

  3. Pittsburg != Pittsburgh

    Sorry to be so pedantic. It is just a pet peeve caused by having grown up a Pittsburgher.

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