They Have Money to Protect Themselves

Philadelphia City Council can apparently scrape together some serious money when it comes to protecting themselves:

Visitors to the upper floors of Philadelphia City Hall will soon be required to sign in and wear an identification tag, and possibly be photographed.The new security system goes into use Wednesday. It ends a century of generally unimpeded public access to the building.

The six-point-five (m) million dollar system has been in the planning stages since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.

Visitors won’t have to show identification. A city official says photos will be taken only “when we feel we need that level of security.”

The first floor of the building can still be accessed without going through security.

Sign in, get a photograph taken, and show identification.   This cost a cool 6.5 million?  That’s one damned expensive camera! Hell, I’ll take the six point five, and do that service for city hall.   How many police officers would that have hired to patrol the streets, so we could have maybe stopped some real criminals, who I’m sure don’t make a regular habit of showing up to City Hall.

3 Responses to “They Have Money to Protect Themselves”

  1. Joe_M says:

    Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, Sebastian, but I respectfully disagree with the last line in this post. I believe that some of the biggest criminals in Philadelphia do indeed make a regular habit of showing up at City Hall. (And let’s face it, who’s more likely to be threatened by violence on a regular basis, your average Joe, or someone involved in one or more criminal organization/conspiracy?) Case in point, there have been a few indictments surrounding the current mayor, including his brother:

    Best Regards,


  2. Sebastian says:

    You are absolutely correct Joe M. And I walked right into that one :)