Small Business Owners as Extortionists?

The Occupy Wall Street supporters in the media are starting to become as unhinged as some of the stranger folks up in New York. Our local suburban paper features a columnist calling small business owners who are concerned that it’s simply too expensive to hire new workers due to increasing federal requirements and tax increases proposed by the President extortionists who are unpatriotic.

Not only are they unpatriotic criminals, but these little local business owners are all hatching a plot to kill the economy in order to elect a Republican.

The crazy is strong in this one. Her column actually includes long quotes from a business owner who outlined the risks in hiring new employees – the direct financial risk of how much they will cost, the risk of how much value they will add to the organization, and the increasing hassles and expenses of dealing with various government bureaucracies who control the many aspects of his business. Yet, she cannot accept this simple answer. It’s all a plot to derail Obama. She has no evidence, but that won’t stop the accusations from flying in her paper.

Since she tried to tie such political extortion to our Congressman, he decided to respond with a damning response to her claims:

As part of [one] employer’s characterization of the obstacles facing his business, and in the story about [a local] manufacturer, neither made any mention of Republicans, Democrats, Obama or one of the GOP presidential hopefuls. It is not a case of pure politics, but of overbearing and ineffective government.

So it doesn’t matter to our local paper whether they business owners are actually supporting Republicans or they actually plan to vote for Obama. The fact that they won’t invest every dollar of their savings into taking massive risks in hiring is still a crime.

Fortunately, writer Katie Fratti & the other staff at the Courier Times don’t need to worry about whether money from extortionists is lining their wallets anymore. As investors in small businesses, we will not support their work as subscribers. If they come around selling subscriptions again, I’ll make sure they know exactly why we will not support them. We don’t believe they must agree with us, but actually publishing a conspiracy-laced rant against local businesses is not up to the basic journalistic standards we would expect from a professional outfit.

4 thoughts on “Small Business Owners as Extortionists?”

  1. This is the same kind of crazy talk that you heard from Hugo Chavez during his rise to power and the decline of Venezuela.

  2. What a stupid arrogant woman. I can’t believe that she actually implied that it was criminal for a small businessman to not spend money like she thought he should.

    And a newspaper pays her to write such bilge and thinks said bilge makes their product better.

    No wonder newspapers are dying.

  3. She probably wakes up screaming at oxygen for plotting to hurt Obama by accelerating of cell growt.

    Take that, unpatriotic oxygen, after all that we had done for you, murdering business and over-stepping EPA to make you flourish, and this is how you repay the holy-one, plotting to hurt his cells.

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