It appears a judge aquitted the Colosimo Five of all tresspassing charges.  To the credit of the District Attorney:

In his closing statement, Assistant District Attorney Guy D’Andrea said the case was “about individuals going to a private person’s business to disrupt that business.”

This is why Philadelphia is a lawless city.  But I suppose it’s fitting.  In a city who refuses to prosecute and lock up people who do all manner of serious crimes, it would have been kind of odd to prosecute someone for trespassing, would it?

I would invite Mr. Colosimo to come out to the suburbs, where we still believe that disrupting someone’s business and tresspassing on their property unlawfully is a crime, but then the other side would win, wouldn’t they?  In that instance, I’m sorry Mr. Colosimo can’t find justice, but that’s Philadelphia for you.

2 thoughts on “Acquitted”

  1. Maybe a group of you local civil (gun) rights activists should pick a Sunday to go protest in the vestibule of one of their churches, and see if what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    I’m sure the media would try to crucify you, but it would be pretty hard for these pastors (and that judge) to argue that it’s different.

  2. I’ll do you one better.

    Hold a protest that disrupts the entrance and exit of that judge’s private residence. Hey, if it’s legal it’s legal.

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