Philly Mayor’s Opposition to HR822

Wyatt offers his opinion to the Mayor on blaming the  the city’s problems on guns. Nutter’s noting that many Florida permits are going to high crime areas does not surprise me. Philadelphia routinely uses the “character or reputation” clause to deny people improperly. You can appeal, but that goes to a Board stocked with the Mayor’s cronies, and they always uphold denials. You can appeal a denial to the Court of Common Pleas, but you have to hire a lawyer to do that, and a Florida license is a lot cheaper than a lawyer.

This Florida issue wouldn’t be an issue if Philadelphia issued LTCs under the same standards employed in the rest of the state.

11 thoughts on “Philly Mayor’s Opposition to HR822”

  1. HR822 will actually force Philly to obey state law! GOD FORBID!

    Why doesn’t anybody swat these assholes for their blatant ignorance of the law?

  2. Let me offer one idea for consideration. The accusation that we blame the gun, is bullshit. I suppose you and your friends keep using it in order to demean us by pretending we’re all that stupid. We’re not.

    Speaking for myself, I blame the availability of guns, along with all the social ills that contribute to violent crime. The gun availability is a tangible factor about which something could be done if it weren’t for the NRA and the gun lobby and guys like you and your friends.

    So I also blame you. But what I don’t do is blame an inanimate object.

    1. So you don’t blame the inanimate object, you blame the availability of an inanimate object?

      Gotcha. Big difference! Glad you cleared that up for us.

    2. So let us know, Mike. What laws would have stopped you from illegally owning guns?

      Also you claim to be against total prohibition but when you were illegally owning guns, you were illegally using and selling drugs.

      I assume these were drugs like Cocaine and Marijuana which have been 100% illegal for generations.

      You’re clean and a family man now, and out-of-the-country, so legal action against you would be foolish. But your experiences can be VERY valuable as the majority of “Gun Death” and “Gun Crime” steam from the illegal drug trade.

      So let us know, Mike!

  3. “I suppose you and your friends keep using it in order to demean us by pretending we’re all that stupid. We’re not. ”

    Uhmm, respectfully beg to disagree but if you were not that stupid (your words not mine) you would not be for gun control.


  4. Here we go again, starring Mike302000.
    The availability of guns? So it’s not taking away the guns, it’s making them unavailable? I consider my gun not available when I am in a school or a court. You have stated in the past that you would make a gun unavailable to my 4’11” 105 pound wife. You actually condoned a woman’s unarmed rape, if I recall.
    You are truly stupid, I know this for a fact! My wife and 4 sons agree. My mother, my wife’s mother, my 2 sisters, her sister all agree that you are completely stupid.
    You lost my respect over a year ago, you will never regain that!

  5. mikebbunchofnumbers:

    How many epic failures of logical thinking and recent history do we have in play here with your stupid, yes stupid comment?

    1) As pdb said, you want to limit an inantimate object to reduce crime after claiming that you do not want to blame an inantimate object. That was illogical [say it in Spock’s voice for full effect].

    2) Do we demean you and call you and your fellow travellers stupid? Definitely. The refutations on blogs and through several gun organizations of the fabricated “facts” or poorly supported “research” are to numerous to cite here. The fact that you do not offer anything of substance that would possibly reduce crime is why we hold you and your colleagues in such low esteem.

    3) You blame gun availability as a factor in crime. It is clear that the criminal tool is often irrelevant. People are attacked, robbed, raped, and killed with all sorts of weapons, many improvised. Yet, your solution is to make sure that law-abiding citizens can rarely get a firearm. Which is by the way, the greatest equalizer ever invented for force disparities so that the wife of DannytheMan can hold her own against a 220 pound rapist.

    4) You have conveniently ignored the general trends that those cities (and even entire countries like the UK) with draconian gun control laws have high rates of violent crime and often high rates of crime with firearms. Conversely, a general observation is that locations with lax gun control and higher gun ownership have less crime.

    5) Blame assignment: Funny how I have never shot anyone or murdered anyone along with the 80 million or so other law-abiding Americans, while a tiny subset of people who are often long-term criminals account for almost all of the violence. So why am I supposed to be blame-worthy? If you want to ascribe blame, then for every person who could have avoided a rape or attack who was without a gun due to your desired policies, the blood is on your hands.

    6) Attacking the role of the NRA and gun lobby. Well, there are a lot of gun owners who are smart enough to recognize the value of gun ownership, so of course we will have some political clout. Go cry in your tea; that’s reality. Have you ever given any thought that the reason for the NRA’s legislative activities is because its members demand it? The NRA is not dragging us along, instead, we are expecting them to attack USELESS gun control legislation. Forget the silly meme that evil corporations are all to blame.

    7) Finally, the idea that you want to trample all over our enumerated (not granted, merely recognized) Constitutional right to carry arms for self-defense is seriously stupid. Hundreds of years of it chugging along just fine and now you want to smash it shows that you are out of touch with reality.

    1. Not to mention the NRA is NOT the industry “front” as the hippies want the public to believe – the National Shooting Sports Foundation is the actual “front.”

  6. If mike302k really knew how many cars are available and how many injuries they cause compared to gun he might want to start a group called “Posers against illegal cars”.

    1. Mike was a drug dealer and an illegal gun owner when he lived in this country (And who knows what sordid events went on in that violent career path), If he can ignore that and point his fingers at those of us who aren’t violent parasites of society, then he can ignore a well-framed car argument.

  7. I know it has been said many times, but what about the widespread availability of Alcohol? How many deaths are the result of intoxication, including those involving firearms? If we were serious about putting an end to needless death, why don’t we make alcohol purchases so burdensome and legally risky that nobody would dare bother with the stuff?

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