Reality for Female Business Owners

In Florida, the media seems to have found several female business owners who have decided it’s time to step up and defend themselves.

Lake Worth business owner Mayra Ramirez has been practicing at the Palm Beach Shooting Range in Lake Worth for months.

“I was always against guns but from watching the news and seeing so many things happen, I figured it was time to get one,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez is arming herself because she’s fed up with the crime around her business. A week ago a man was shot just steps away from her storefront.

“At the beginning, firing a gun was terrifying,” she said. “When I first started I couldn’t stop shaking. “But after your first few times, you look forward to coming in.”

A few doors down from Ramierz’s store, coffee house owner Marilin Garcia is also arming herself for the first time.

“You can protect yourself just being alert and in case you see danger, it’s there for you to use,” Garcia said.

It’s always a reason to celebrate when a couple of empowered women decide to learn how to use firearms safely.

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  1. Pleased as I am to see you not heading this with the pseudo-ironic, yet still insulting, “Chicks with guns,” I’ll go ahead and garbage it all up for you by suggesting that these are what I’d call some Wise Latinas.

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