Some Guerrilla Tactics to Use Against MAIG

For those of you familiar with the Wikipedia culture, it occurs to me that MAIG’s Wikipedia page is pretty poor. Wikipedia pages are supposed to be factual, not promotion material for the organization. Some changes I would suggest:

  • It should be clear they are an organization that advocates gun control. Don’t let them get away with the “common sense” bullshit. What they propose is little different from the Brady Campaign or the other gun control groups.
  • Is should have a criticism section, rather than just “Opposition from the NRA,” with NRA’s criticism included in that, but I’d also mention some of their members criminal tendencies.
  • When it comes to what they advocate for, there should be a good mix of what they say, what we say, and what the facts are. They are not entitled to their own sets of facts. Be sure to find citations. For instance, it should be more clearly noted that police groups, including the ATF, oppose repealing Tiahrt.

Don’t let them turn their Wikipedia page into a propaganda tool. Wikipedia actually frowns on that, and if you keep things balanced, and factual, you can win. At the least, it forces MAIG to spend resources fighting with us and Wikipedia. Even if HR822 ultimately fails (given the makeup of the Senate, and the occupant of the White House, it probably will in this Congress), it’s forcing our opponents to spend significant resources. The more fronts we can engage them on, the less resources they will have when the final push comes. This is a clash of wills, and ours must be stronger for longer if we’re going to prevail in the end.

5 thoughts on “Some Guerrilla Tactics to Use Against MAIG”

  1. Bonus points if they get themselves banned because they’re arguing with the Wikipedia mods lol

  2. This kind of thing is where solid grassroots comes in. We do this in our spare time, but MAIG will have to spend actual resources “correcting” the facts.

    Good call, Sebastian. Engage on as many fronts as we can find. Spread them thin enough, and they’ll fall apart under their own weight.

  3. Ed, a Johnuniq removed all your edits to the list of members page. Did you keep a copy of the changes to more easily undo his vandalism?

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