More Restaurant Carry Hysteria Fail

Our opponents tried to argue that the “guns in bars” bill would hurt tourism in Tennessee. Turns out tourism there actually has gone up, and predictions of alcohol fueled shootouts has failed to materialize. It’s a good thing none of our favorite gun control advocates are in the fortune telling business. I don’t think they’d last very long.

4 Responses to “More Restaurant Carry Hysteria Fail”

  1. Sebastian says:

    That’s mentioned in the article. It also mentions he’s retired law enforcement. This is the kind of guy our opponents have no issues with having a gun, because he has magic gun powers from his police training that make him the only one responsible enough.

  2. David says:

    In my time working for the 5th largest city in PA, I found out that most cops only fired their weapons to annually qualify. So they shoot 200 rounds a year for 20 year. I shoot more than 4000 rounds in a summer and more than 10,000 each year (both in training and competition). But somehow there is this notion that cops are so well trained and practiced. In PA the act 120 certification only requires 80 hours of firearms training.

  3. Dirk Diggler says:

    funny b/c I had this discussion with a deputy today at my kids’ school (he has kids there as well). He was out of uniform, but had his badge and Sig .40 cal on his hip. As we got to talking, he stated, I bet you are a better shot than me. It seems like you go often. We should go shooting together.