WTF in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s tourism lobby group is changing their name. Why? Because when it was named the Wisconsin Tourism Federation 30 years ago, the acronym WTF didn’t have any meaning. Nowadays…well, you read the interwebz.

As I told JR Absher, this is really too bad. If they were really innovative, they could have embraced the acronym when appropriate. I could see some great ad campaigns to attract younger visitors playing off the name. Or, since they are a lobby coalition, if a piece of particularly egregious legislation was introduced, it would be a fun political ad that would get the attention of legislative staffers if used properly.

4 thoughts on “WTF in Wisconsin”

  1. Thanks Bitter, reading that makes me feel totally gay!

    Or should I say totally happy and carefree instead?

  2. Once at gun school, I saw a guy on another range wearing a classic navy-blue raid jacket with “WTF” on the back. I so wish I had been able to catch up with him and find out more about it.

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