2 thoughts on “Not Just Good Advice for Kids”

  1. We have a no soliciting policy in our neighborhood – and I’m known amongst the neighbors as the guy who doesn’t just say “no” but I then get out with my cell phone, openly carrying my gun, and follow said solicitors to the boundry of the neighborhood while on the phone with the police (who will usually show up within 30 seconds or so).

    I did that 5 times one summer – and the solicitation pretty much came to a complete stop . . . . the reputation that your gonna get your ass shot off by the crazy asshole and/or arrested by the police when you enter our neighborhood gets around fast.

    Of course, I won’t do that to folks handing out political literature (for either party) or the local kids selling stuff for the high school band, etc. But then, I know most of them.

  2. Totally agree, and they can leave a message in the answering machine too.
    I call ahead before I go visiting – it’s just commonsense and being polite.

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