Palins Being Financially Ruined?

According to Jim Geraghty, Palin’s detractors are trying to bury her in legal bills:

While holding elected officials accountable is laudable, most of the matters are beyond trivial. One of the complaints against her was for talking to reporters about the presidential campaign while she was in the governor’s office. Another objected to her office press secretary offering a statement to clarify a statement put out by her political action committee. The latest complaint is that Palin wore snow-machine gear advertising her husband Todd’s sponsor, Arctic Cat Inc, while “in her official duties as governor” when she served as the “official starter” of the race.

She currently owes nearly half a million in legal bills, which is apparently four times her annual salary.  The Palins are not rich people, unlike a lot of other folks in politics. I would donate to her legal defense fund if she started one.  But if she wants an idea for making that 500 large go poof: free autographed Sarah Palin Bikini Calendar with any donation of 500 dollars or more.  I’d give it a day, at most.

15 Responses to “Palins Being Financially Ruined?”

  1. Bitter says:

    If this is what happens when normal people enter public service, we deserve the scum we’ll get.

  2. Vince says:

    Didn’t she get millions for a book deal?

  3. Mad Saint Jack says:

    I would rather have the Palin with an M4 calender.

  4. Jake says:


    I think that’s June. ;)

    (Hey, who said it couldn’t be both?)

  5. Bitter says:

    Vince, the article you link to is nothing but speculation that she could write a book if she wanted to, and that someone might be willing to pay her for it. Do you have actual evidence?

    I have to ask, is your comment meant to imply that if she has money, forcing her to spend it on baseless legal accusation acceptable? Just checkin’.

  6. Sebastian says:

    More importantly, are you saying you don’t want to see the Sarah Palin Bikini Calendar? Why do you hate America?

  7. Mad Saint Jack says:

    I wouldn’t mine guns and bikinis, but I cringe at how the left would react. (hell they already photoshopped it.)

  8. JD says:

    ” I would donate to her legal defense fund if she started one.”

    Here you go. Donate as much as you can afford, I did/do.

  9. Bitter says:

    JD, a PAC is not a legal defense fund.

  10. JD says:

    “JD, a PAC is not a legal defense fund.”

    I’m fully aware, but she can use the $ for whatever she needs it for.

  11. Bitter says:

    PAC does not stand for Personal ATM Card. PAC money is regulated.

  12. Vince says:


    I hate to see anyone unfairly singled out for persecution but I’m not going to feel sorry for someone who knew or should have known that the national stage makes you a target for crackpots. If she doesn’t turn this to her advantage she’s a a bigger fool than I originally thought.

  13. Bitter says:

    So because some on the left are abusing the ethics complaint system and costing the taxpayers of Alaska thousands upon thousands of dollars, Sarah Palin is a fool? Or is she a fool because she doesn’t raise money in the name of a PAC focused on domestic energy issues and then fraudulently transfer it all to herself to use however she pleases?

  14. Dock says:

    Calendar = very yes plz plz. At, say, $100? I’ll take two.

    My cousin and I were discussing our mutual admiration for Sarah in… glowing terms, as it happens, just last night.