More Bad News for Our Opponents

New Rasmussen poll out:

… the latest national telephone survey finds that 39% consider it a positive when a political candidate is described as being “pro-gun.”

Only 27% see this as a negative description, while another 30% say it lies somewhere in between. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Of course, this seems to vary between Democrats and Republicans:

Naturally, there are strong partisan divides on both labels. While most Republicans (62%) and a plurality of voters not affiliated with either party (42%) sees being labeled “pro-gun” as positive, 49% of Democrats see that as negative.

But it’s interesting that even among Democrats, you can’t get half of them to describe being pro-gun as negative. I’d really hate to be our opponents these days. It’s nothing but bad news chasing after more bad news, from their point of view.

3 Responses to “More Bad News for Our Opponents”

  1. John Smithson says:

    Given the 3% margin of error on the numbers you cite, you can’t for sure say that less than half don’t support guns. You might want to revise your commentary to say that “about half”

  2. Sebastian says:

    The error could go the other way too.

  3. Gnarly Sheen says:

    I think this kind of distance from the main speaking points of your party is more prevalent than many realize. Democrats are usually anti-gun, but most that I’ve met were not. You don’t really get to decide what the “higher-ups” in your party decide are the REAL problems. Same goes for conservatives who are for legalization of marijuana or aren’t religious. I think fewer people see things as black-and-white regarding a lot of social issues than the mainstream media realizes (or wants you to believe). That, or most people just don’t consider these things to be that big of a deal.