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Fox seems to be moving farther away from the “botched operation” that’s been prevalent in the “in the tank for the Administration” news outlets, and understanding that Fast and Furious was working exactly the way it was intended to work. Here’s more evidence from Fox:

In June 2010, however, the ATF dramatically upped the ante, making the U.S. government the actual “seller” of guns.

According to documents obtained by Fox News, Agent John Dodson was ordered to buy six semi-automatic Draco pistols — two of those were purchased at the Lone Wolf gun store in Peoria, Ariz. An unusual sale, Dodson was sent to the store with a letter of approval from David Voth, an ATF group supervisor.

So taxpayer money was being used. The article goes on to note that this wasn’t your standard undercover sting. Agent Dodson is essentially reporting that he was ordered to let the weapons go. No attempt at all was made to interdict the weapons, or the people trafficking them, on order from ATF superiors.

I’d really like to know how all these gun violence organizations continue to dodge, deflect, and continue to make excuses for this. There is a world of difference between guns that, through criminal theft, or through an unlawful gun purchase, happen to end up in criminal hands, and guns that are deliberately being trafficked to criminals with the full aid and blessing of our government. Where is their outrage? They should be joining our call to get to the bottom of this scandal and try to find out who’s responsible. The fact that they are not should tell you everything you need to know about what they really stand for.

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  1. Considering gun control is the best way to keep criminals alive and in business, gun violence organizations will continue to defend their sole beneficiaries until they are shuffled off this mortal coil.

  2. Well, they as good as admitted that sending Agent Dodson wasn’t for any other purpose than to make sure he committed an illegal act so he could be intimidated into silence.

    You know, sort of like making sure the new gang member commits a crime as part of joining.

    These people are thugs. They are scum. They are just another gang with different colors.

  3. Think how epic it would be if the NRA/SAF and the Brady Campaign teamed up and jointly condemned the actions of the ATF in “fast and furious”. Both sides of the gun control struggle working together would shine a huge light on this cover-up, and we might see some results.

    A man can dream, cant he?

  4. Actually David Codrea and I broke this story and FOX got the first document from us, which they credit us for in the article. Not that I would expect this site to credit us.

    Sucks to be you these days, huh?

    — The NRA-Abuser “Maddog Mike” Vanderboegh, the “insane” person who “scares the white people.”

  5. Brady et. al. seek poltical power under the pretense of gun control. They serve a useful purpose to some segments of the political class and are rewarded therefore. Breaking with those segments or causing trouble for them on a matter of principle would threaten Brady’s “rice bowl”, as well as force some people now inside to question what they were doing in the first place.

    Their shrinkage is bad enough. Like the NAACP, Brady et. al. will continue to shrink and become another wing of the poltical group that sustains them.

  6. I’m surprised people do not get what Fast and Furious was about. It seems clear to me that the concept was to build documentation files of US sales. After the guns were used in criminal shootings, an enormous storm of outrage would be generated….”and we can trace these guns of tragedy right to a store in Arizona in which multiple guns were sold to the same person on the same day.” The problem is that the Agents leaked the truth and the plan backfired. They’ll go to any length to generate anti-gun sentiment. Which sells more guns…

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