More Electoral History

Somewhat related to Bitter’s last post, Clayton Cramer has part of Andrew Jackson’s farewell speech. Clearly he was a dangerous tea party fanatic, aligned with those extremist Republicans.

5 Responses to “More Electoral History”

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Always wonder what Tom and Andy would say if they showed up to the Annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner the Demicommies have every year. That is, if they could even get in the door. Of course, it might surprise some SEIU thug “Security Guard” how hard it would be to push Andy away from the event. Fatally hard, I would think.

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    We could use an Andrew Jackson right about now. Gotta love beating his would-be assassin with a cane!

  3. Sebastian says:

    You kind of have to love that not only did he ward off the assassin with his cane, he went chasing after the the guy :)

  4. Jackson’s mother told him that if anyone slandered him, don’t sue: take care of the matter yourself. Hence, Jackson’s duel over allegations that his wife was not properly divorced when they married. And as much as Jackson was a proto-Tea Partier (right down to sometimes crackpot notions about “banksters,”) he is also the guy responsible for the Trail of Tears, because Jackson was a fierce Indian-hater, and was trying to get the support of the newly formed Democratic majority of white male voters–who saw the Cherokees as occupying land that properly belonged to whites.