Thanks Brady Folks!

I want to thank the Bradys, USA Today, CSGV, and all the other groups who crapped their pants over the Pima County GOP raffle:

The Pima County Republican Party’s controversial gun raffle fundraiser was such a success that they ended up raffling off another weapon.

The notoriety fueled such demand, said interim Chairman Mike Shaw, not only did the raffle for the Glock pistol sell out, but they subsequently raffled a deer rifle as well.

The raffle garnered worldwide attention because it was organized eight months after the Tucson shooting spree.

I don’t think the Pima County GOP would have had such success if the anti-gun groups hadn’t made an issue out of it. I enjoy very much watching our opponents hoisted on their on petard. Please, be sure to try to the irony before you leave. It’s delicious.

Miguel is busy documenting their reaction as well.

8 Responses to “Thanks Brady Folks!”

  1. wfgodbold says:

    Isn’t the Streisand effect great?

  2. pax says:

    Selling or raffling a very common firearm brand, even in a city where a criminal used the same brand of firearm to do criminal things a few months ago, shouldn’t be any more controversial than a car dealership still selling the same brand of cars the week after a drunk driver destroys someone’s family.

  3. Ddbaxte says:

    I guess ‘GOP raffles off same firearm thousands of law enforcement agencies across the US carry to protect our communities’ just didn’t have the same ring to it.

  4. Ric Locke says:

    It’s a good life having idiots hate you.


  5. Motor-T says:

    Deer Rifle? I think the Brady’s will see it as a SNIPER RIFLE!

  6. Jamie in N.D. says:

    Deer rifle? is there a specific type a rifle I don’t know about that kills only deer? I shot a nice Muley buck last year with a DPMS 308T, I bet he’d agree that it’s a fine ass deer rifle.

  7. The Waterboy says:

    Agree with Pax and Dbaxte. The Brady Banshees and their unscrupulous allies in the media made a mountain out of a molehill. Nice to see it backfire on them.

  8. willis says:

    Their first choice was to compile a manuscript of progressive economic programs that actually work and raffle that off. Unfortunately, no one could come up with any in time for the raffle.


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