Continuing the Manufactured Controversy

The Arizona Star is continuing to beat on the manufactured controversy with the Glock raffle, even though by this point it’s pretty clear that it has backfired:

Yet, it comes as a complete surprise to the Pima County Republicans’ interim leader, Mike Shaw, that anyone might object to raffling off a gun to raise money to defeat Democrats in the next election.

But it shouldn’t be a shock – and given the publicity the Pima County GOP has received from its galling decision, it’s perhaps not an unwelcome surprise.

So about that list of adjectives:

Crass, insensitive, vulgar, displaying a lack of empathy or compassion, dumbfounding, offensive, callous, boorish, thoughtless – all words that would fit.

The only people I’ve heard complain about this are the left-leaning Arizona media, the Pima County Democrats, and irrelevant anti-gun groups. The grassroots response was to get into the raffle, so much so they decided to raffle a rifle as well. To borrow Robb’s analogy, would it be outrageous to auction off a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue if a year ago someone plowed into a school bus, and they found a half drunken bottle of Johnny Walker Red in his back seat? Would that be “Crass, insensitive, vulgar, displaying a lack of empathy or compassion?” or would it just be normal?

As the Tucson Citizen points out “By the way, Giffords owns a Glock. Where’s the outrage?” Well, that just doesn’t fit the narrative.

3 Responses to “Continuing the Manufactured Controversy”

  1. Pima police also carry glocks.

  2. JR says:

    Tuscon Citizen still falls on the side of criminal safety/victim disarmament. You’d think most news outlets were run by criminals, for them to be so opposed to anything that saves innocent lives and maintains liberties.

    I commented:
    What’s outrageous is that parroting government BS propaganda (“90% of Mexican crime guns come from the U.S.”) is not writing “investigative stories”. Actual investigation would have exposed it as an utter lie, and now it has.
    Our government needed to back up its own false statistics, in its own words, “In order to make omelettes, you have to break a few eggs.”
    In other words, it had deliberate indifference, if not malice, toward human lives, in a government-directed gun smuggling operation that worked just as designed (if you don’t count the attempts at a coverup) – to get countless people killed on both sides of the border, and make it look like the 2A needs to be infringed out of existence.

  3. Greg says:

    I would have hoped they would raffle off a Ruger since it’s an AZ polititcal group. Keep it local, AZ, or at least keep it US made.


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