Trouble in California

CRPA is urging people to call the Governor’s office to veto SB 819, which would allow the DOJ to raid the background check fund to pay for enforcement of firearms laws and violence reduction programs. The concern is that this will run the system out of money and lead to fee increases.

This is not a futile effort, as Jerry Brown is friendlier on this issue that you might think. Friendlier than Schwarzenegger was. But this is a good test to put him to, so call. Your constitutional rights shouldn’t be used to help government raise money generally. That amounts to a tax on gun ownership, which ought to be unconstitutional.

3 thoughts on “Trouble in California”

  1. I have been following this for a while, but this is the first I heard that it made it to Brown’s desk. It would be a real punch in the stomach if we had to pay for our own harassment. At worst it provides no checks for law enforcement wasting money chasing gun control since it carries the true benefit of increasing the cost to individuals exercising their rights.

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