The Chicago Way

One of the big reasons I never would have voted for Obama, even if he was a genuine moderate, is that he’s from Chicago, where the politics is so corrupt it makes Philly look good in comparison. The kind of tactics being used against Gibson Guitars, I think, are classic Chicago tactics. What did people think was going to happen putting someone from that machine in the White House?

2 Responses to “The Chicago Way”

  1. mobo says:

    Nobody can seem to get the facts entirely straight. It’s damn near impossible to find a disinterested source to report facts without speculation. Lots of babble about rainforests, lemurs, unfinished fingerboards, etc, but I have yet to see the “official” line.

  2. Drang says:

    Worse, he’s an incompetent product of the Chicago Machine. You’d think he’d know that you can only sustain Chicago style machine/patronage politics by being able to accomplish core functions. The only core function Obama is competent at is getting elected, he has shown zero grasp of any other required tasks.