B. Todd Jones to Take Over ATF

Obama is naming B. Todd Jones as interim ATF director. I thought Melson’s reassignment was going to mean Traver would be in, but I guess Obama decided he was too controversial. Good, in that case, since it means he’s paying attention. I’ve been able to find nothing worrisome about Jones. If anyone out there finds anything, let me know.

Here’s an interview with Jones on Minnesota Public Radio. He says he wants to refocus ATF on its core mission, which in his mind doesn’t seem to involve promoting unlawful trafficking of firearms to Mexico. This is a good thing. He also says he does not want this job full time. I don’t blame the guy. He will continue to serve as US Attorney for Minnesota. Sounds like he plans to do some telecommuting, so I think at best his role at ATF could be described as a part time job. This guy has certainly kept a pretty low profile, so I can understand why the Administration picked him.

8 thoughts on “B. Todd Jones to Take Over ATF”

  1. He’s black, so any time a pro-2A organization criticizes him it will be branded by the antis and main stream media as racist. Of course, RKBA people get branded as racist already so I’m not sure that we’re losing any ground.

  2. I’m not really concerned about the man’s color, as long as he can do the job. He certainly has the qualifications.

    The anti folks can say what they’ll say. They’ve been in hysterics lately, and I no longer take them seriously.

  3. He was read into F&F because he is chairman of the Atty General’s Advisory Committee.

    I suspect he and Eric Holder go back a long way. When Holder was Dep. AG under Bill Clinton, Jones was the US Atty for Minnesota. Holder was present at his swearing-in ceremony in 2009 – one of the few he attended.

    I have searched and I don’t find links to any of the gun control groups.

  4. I’m thinking that Jones is a placeholder for Traver. The anti’s have been howling that ATF was crippled by having only an acting director, but Jones is said to be only an interim director, and merely a part timer at that. Seems like Obama is trying to strengthen his hand for Traver’s appointment. If Jones doesn’t do it with regard to Traver, maybe Obama will appoint as temporary, acting, interim, sort of director, an illiterate teenager who earns minimum wage and only works in the summertime on Tuesdays by telecommuting from the Virgin Islands when his mother lets him use the computer. Then the anti’s could really whine about a lack of leadership and demand that Traver be appointed.

  5. This guy is a puppet! No knowledge of the organization, just covering up for Eric “lying” Holder, who should accept responsibility for Fast and Furious. Jones just “shook up ” the agency he knows NOTHING about by making “sweeping” changes, kind of like Obama, Chnages that will cost the American public. How can a new ATF Director with NO KNOWLEDGE what so ever make intelligent choices? This administration is an Obamanation! Part-time Director, short changing the American public. Going to hell in a hand basket!

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