When Did Google Incoming Links Start Working?

It used to be, when I first started blogging, you tracked incoming links on Technorati, which did a pretty decent job of showing who was linking to you. Then Technorati kind of fell apart and out of favor, so everyone switched to tracking incoming links via Google. Unfortunately, Google kind of sucked at it, and you got so many spammy links that it practically was never worth it to even look. But for the first time in a while, I just looked at Google’s link tracking, and all the incoming links are legit. This pleases me, because a driver of blogosphere “conversation” is incoming links, and if you can’t see who’s talking about you, you can’t really join in. I am pleased to see this working well again.

4 thoughts on “When Did Google Incoming Links Start Working?”

  1. It’s a WordPress thing. WordPress has long had a widget in the dashboard for tracking incoming links. Looks something like this.

    It used to key off of Technorati years ago, but now it keys of Google. You can get the same effect with a URL that looks something like this:


    All you’d have to change is that last part on the end where it says link: to see the same thing without using WordPress. Though, the output is going to be rss.

  2. Ah, thank you. I was worried I was being an idiot or something, since I didn’t think there was a Google app (at least for blogger/blogspot) that worked half as well as what you were describing.

    1. Sometimes I post something and don’t think that other people might have no idea what I’m talking about. I do that conversationally too, and it annoys Bitter :)

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