Baucus and Tester Will Vote “Yes” on Kagan

I can appreciate that Democrats in this Congress have been pretty pro-gun, and their grades will need to reflect that, but they also need to reflect their votes on Kagan to a large degree. There needs to be an understanding that what we’re fighting in the Courts are for basic, fundamental Second Amendment rights. Basically gun bans, and near gun bans. Sotomayor didn’t even buy into the idea that cities like Chicago and DC couldn’t ban guns, and it’s doubtful Kagan will either.

In other words, the justices Obama is nominating don’t believe in a Second Amendment right at all, despite it presence in the Constitution, and strong level of support for such a right among the population in general. Congress needs to be made to understand we’re serious about this. Republicans in particular need to understand that. It would be one thing if Obama was an enormously popular President, but he is not. There is no political risk involved with going against the White House. Close to 80% of Americans support the Second Amendment. Obama can only dream about approval ratings that high.

US News is the last place I’d expect to find reporting about an NRA memo, but they are. Contact your Senators and let them know to oppose her. Quite a bit is riding on this. At some point, the Heller and McDonald coalition on the Court will break, and that will be as far as we can take the right. I’ll be honest, I think it’s very unlikely we’ll get a pro-Second Amendment Justice out of this President, but we can at least send a message. At the least, he will need to take more a chance himself, on someone who’s record on the issue isn’t clear.

5 thoughts on “Baucus and Tester Will Vote “Yes” on Kagan”

  1. I can contact Sessions & Shelby, but that would be preaching to the choir. Sessions is the ONLY (R) that I’ve seen publicly warning against Kagan.

    1. Shelby has already publicly said he’s a no as well. I’m not sure why you think not many Republicans have spoken out against her, at least 24 had vowed no votes as of yesterday afternoon.

  2. I realize that Shelby and many Republicans have stated on record that they oppose her and will vote no, HOWEVER, every headline I see in the MSM has been Sessions railing against her. If the R’s want to put him up as a point-man, that’s fine, but think about how this plays out to the masses who don’t read past the headlines: A lone (southern) congressman ranting against Obama’s pick.

  3. I contacted our two Obama puppets (conrad & dorgan) first thing this morning. Both have already said they’re going to vote for her but I like to go down swinging.
    I also called one of the states radio talk shows and urged other gun owners to do the same as well as pointing out some of her anti-gun activism.

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