Am I The Only One Who Thinks Rick Perry …

… looks a bit like Ronald Reagan? Except I’m hoping Perry is better on the Second Amendment and the deficit than old Ronny was. I first thought that when I saw this picture. I wasn’t prepared, really, to jump in into the Perry camp until Michelle Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll.

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  1. Reagan banned carrying guns in California.

    Perry has done nothing to expand Texans right to carry or repeal the ban on open carry.

    Two peas in a closet anti-gun pod.

  2. Do closet anti-gun people typically carry concealed? After that jogging incident with the coyote, calling him anti-gun seems a bit much…

  3. Maybe some people should figure out that the governor only really has the ability to sign or veto the bills passed by the legislature. So, to blame Perry for the legislatures inability to act is just foolish.

  4. I think he looks like Robert Fuller’s love child. Seriously, you could land an F-15 on those eyebrows and still have room for a small townhouse.

  5. Mike Silver,

    You’re about Rick Perry not advancing gun rights in Texas. He did support and eventually signed into law the bill that allowed employees to keep their guns in their vehicles without fear of being fired by an anti-gun employer.

    He also supported a campus carry bill that was unfortunately killed by my RINO state senator Robert Duncan.

  6. Not to ppick sides, but Barabara Boxer does have a Cali carry permit.

    Still I like the idea of candidates that are NRA Members or carry permit holders from BEFORE They were in politics.

  7. #2 – there are lots of police and judges that deny you and I the right to carry a gun, and who carry guns themselves because they are exempt from the law that applies to you and I. eg Georgia’s exemption list in 16-11-130.

    #4 – A governor has floor leaders, has the ability to lobby for a change, and has tremendous influence over what comes out of the Legislature. He’s not a potted plant. To suggest that he had no power or influence over the Legislature is not realistic.

    Besides, do we want another Go-Along Get-Along type Republican president? The next President needs to take on the establishment, not sit by his desk waiting for bills to come along.

    #7 – A parking lot bill is not much of a pro-gun record when Texans face being arrested for printing. Its the potted plant issue. Carrying a gun or even hunting doesn’t burnish your pro-gun credentials. It should be your record. What pro-gun bill did you pass?

  8. Rick Perry is a a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Unfortunately, many will look at his involvement in the recent prayer service as a sign that he is a true friend of liberty. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Here are some facts to think about:

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry made Texas the first state to REQUIRE every schoolgirl to be vaccinated for the sexually transmitted Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The plan takes away the right of parents to decide whether their daughters will receive the vaccine. It was then discovered that his staff profited monitarily from the company that sold the vaccine.

    Rick Perry fully supported the “no child left behind” fiasco, which has destroyed our educational system.

    Rick Perry fully supports the trans Texas corridor land grab which has stolen private lands, giving them to a Spanish company to build a toll road that will connect Mexico to Canada.

    Rick Perry believes that he is above the law.

  9. Markie Marxist sez: “Some of my Marxist amigos were really down about it when they heard the news about Rick Perry declaring his candidacy, but the ambulances picked them up off the sidewalk where they were writhing and frothing at the mouth and took them to the hospital.”

  10. If you favor a one world government, the strongest state possible, central planning, bureaucracy, taxes, and tyranny of all forms – Perry is a mighty fine pick.

  11. “If you favor a one world government, the strongest state possible, central planning, bureaucracy, taxes, and tyranny of all forms – Perry is a mighty fine pick.”

    As opposed to Obama the Freedom Advocate? Sounds like we are screwed.

  12. John Smith,

    …his involvement in the recent prayer service as a sign that he is a true friend of liberty.

    That statement is as non-sequiturish as saying “…his involvement in the recent Little League game as a sign that he is a true friend of stamp collecting.”

    Attendance at a prayer service is no more a marker of being a friend of liberty than attendance at a square dance is of being a friend of Chinese food. The two are completely orthogonal.

  13. Everyone is a religious whacko in some fashion or another.
    To deride someone because he has an imaginary friend who tells him what is right and wrong is to be blind to the fact that everyone has an imaginary friend who tells him what is right and wrong; some call this imaginary friend God, Allah, Buddah, Shiva, the law or the state. The really important distinction is what does your imaginary friend tell you to do to other people and what do you DO about it?
    If Rick Perry’s religious Whackoism prompted him to put non-believers in concentration or re-education camps or schools(the difference is not significant), or kill them, or tax them at 10% of asset value per year (not income, asset value), then it would be a concern. Otherwise, not so much.

  14. It’s great to know that people like me should never run for government offices because people like some of you here in the comments conflate me praying with a desire to be a THEOCRATIC TOTALITARIAN DICTATOR!!!!

    Maybe, and just maybe, if we stopped allowing ordinary people tremendous amounts of control over our lives, it wouldn’t matter if the person sitting in the Oval Orifice was a hasidic Jew hell bent on outlawing pork and work on Sundays or a raving atheist who confuses prayer with a desire to impose Sharia law.

  15. I am honestly surprised at how fast the Internet whackos have come down with a case of Perry Derangement Syndrome. I can almost hear the wailing now: “Ruaaahhhh me hate big government republicans, HOW DARE HE BELIEVE IN GOD RUUUAAAAAAHHHHHH”

  16. 1-in-17 commenters call him a religious whacko and it gets that much of a response?

    Overreact much?

  17. “I am honestly surprised at how fast the Internet whackos have come down with a case of Perry Derangement Syndrome. I can almost hear the wailing now: “Ruaaahhhh me hate big government republicans, HOW DARE HE BELIEVE IN GOD RUUUAAAAAAHHHHHH””

    Perry is an evil man who has done and will continue to do evil things to further his own power and that of the elite. It is not a sign of insanity or idiocy to criticize this traitor-in-office.

  18. Actually Tam, it’s a recurring theme. Perry / Bachmann / Palin / So & So is a religious theocrat therefor cannot be voted for with the usual handwaving that if they were elected, school prayer would be somehow made mandatory as if you could get two Southern Baptists to agree on the 10 commandments much less an entire country full of various religious views to come to a consensus about which flavor of Jesus to paint on the Capital’s walls.

    *I* am a social conservative. Doesn’t mean I believe the law should force *you* to be one.

    Now, I understand people’s hesitation to vote for Perry on all sorts of stuff. Sadly our system doesn’t promote statesmen but rather elects narcissists and people with borderline personality disorders. So, everyone you can put forward is going to have serious flaws and it’s depressing that we still put so much stock in one person to ‘lead’ us. Hasn’t worked out that well so far but dammit we’re still going to try and there will be pixels a flyin’ on blogs and message boards about how awful candidate A is because he eats live kittens for snacks or how Candidate B prayed to Jeeeeesus to heal only the white kids with cancer.

    The auto-hatred though is just confusing to me.

  19. Robb got it in one – Sebastian’s blog isn’t the first place I’ve seen variations of “Rick Perry sucks because he loves god” or whatever. I think my frustration with people who are obsessed with the perfect candidate finally spilled over the top.

    Plus, this is the first place I’ve seen anyone call him a traitor or anti-gun. I’m just amazed at the incredible amount hatred people seem to muster up. For example, I don’t like Bachman or Palin. I wouldn’t vote for either of them. But you don’t see me rolling into people’s blogs calling them traitors or flipping my shit about their candidacy.

  20. I could understand the angst over the Gardasil shots if were a typical STD we were talking about. HPV is a virus that 75-80% of sexually active adults will catch, and is responsible for one in twenty new cases of cancer. (65% of all cervical cancer is caused by HPV.)

  21. Rick Perry was very good on gun rights in Texas. He supported every TSRA bill we put forth. He wasn’t good at all on appointments, which is mostly what the governor of Texas does. He loved toll road/private partnership deals, the trans-Texas Corridor boondoggle, all of which turned out to be secret deals to help friends, political and otherwise. I’m VERY conservative and prefered Pawlenty over Perry, Ron Paul over either.

  22. Robert,

    That’s my thing: For everything he did that made me want to shake my bowcaster and howl, he did something else that made me scratch my head and say “Dude, WTF?

  23. For me, the only perfect candidate would be… Me. I’m the only one who holds all of my opinions 100%.

    Sadly, I’m not running for office. However, since I rule my own life, it’s not that big of a deal. Now if I could only get other people to leave me alone…

  24. Robb,

    I’m not looking for perfect. Hell, if batting .400 and avoiding any major scandals will get you into Cooperstown, then I’ll agree that it’s worth me at least considering casting a vote for somebody. So far, I’m not picking up that vibe from anybody except that crazy guy from Texas, so I’ll probably be throwing my vote away again…

    I’m not telling you who you should vote for,. (Unless saying “you should vote for the candidate you want to vote for” is telling you who to vote for, in which case I am telling you who you should vote for. ;) )

  25. As usual, I wonder where people like MikeSilver get their information from. . . I also wonder if they’re even native Texans, or Texans at all.

    Funny, I don’t know a helluva lot about Indiana or Minnesota or Georgia, so I don’t try and purport what one politician or the other does there, how they’re received, etc.

    Everybody seems to be an expert on Texas, California, New York, and Alaska.

    The parking lot bill here in Texas WAS a big deal, and we damn near got campus carry pushed through–which Perry would’ve signed. He’s signed every pro-gun bill that has come across this desk. What the hell more could a gun-owner want?

    His faith? Again, I’m amazed at the experts there are who know all facets of Perry’s faith and personal beliefs. Personally, I prefer a man or woman of faith–after all, look at what the absence of such gave us during Clinton and now, Obama.

    There are more myths and outright misinformation going on about the Trans-Texas Corridor project that one can even fathom. The basic tenet was that the project didn’t cost Texans anything unless you choose to drive on the toll roads. The foreign company put up the costs and money to do the project with the agreement that after forty years, it gets turned over in full to the State of Texas.

    In other words, we used some foreigners money to build us some road and after four decades, they’re ours and we’re not out any money. Yeah, they’re toll roads. Don’t drive on them if you don’t want to pay the tolls. Pretty simple–especially for people always whining about “choice.”


  26. “I’ll promise you this,” Perry said. “I’ll work every day to try to make Washington, D.C., as inconsequential in your life as I can.”

    That’s good enuff fer me.

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