The Truth Must Sting

Dave Hardy points out this Washington Post article, defending their record on Fast and Furious, and notes the true record here doesn’t reflect the Posts’ defense of themselves. From the Post:

David S. Fallis, Cheryl W. Thompson, James Grimaldi and Horwitz. Leen said that he and the reporters who wrote the Southwest border part of that series, Grimaldi and Horwitz, never heard of, or had even an inkling of, the top-secret Fast and Furious effort until indictments in the case were announced in late January in Phoenix by U.S. attorneys and the ATF.

It’s funny, I had heard about it by then, and had been hearing about it for several weeks when that expose came out. Here’s a handy timeline of how this story came about. The fact is, the Posts’ reporting on Fast and Furious has been abysmal, they should be ashamed, and it’s never been more obvious to me they are in the tank for the Administration. The fact that they feel they need to respond to critics is probably the best indication of all that we have a point.

5 thoughts on “The Truth Must Sting”

  1. The WaPo’s recap also conveniently leaves out the stories they’ve run trying to discredit Issa & Grassley by saying they’d been fully briefed (while Eric Holder somehow remained ignorant!) on the operation months before the Terry murder.

  2. They’re in the tank for the Administration, they’re also in the bag for the administration, they’re also carrying water for the administration.

    They’re carrying water in a bag deep in the tank, why don’t they just drown already?

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