6 thoughts on “McCain Calling for Hearings in F&F”

  1. Stupid question, I should have learned this in school:
    Why does the Senate need to open its own hearing when Issa + crew have done a pretty damn good job doing it in the House?

    Are they expecting to find something different? Could this be something to cover up, like if the Senate finds less damning evidence than the House? Is this a prelude to actually seeing some charges filed?

  2. It’s ratcheting up the pressure. What follows is typical, and not a hard and fast rule.

    The house investigates EVERYTHING but the senate typically only investigates after a house investigation turns up something. Senate investigations tend to have results.

  3. Also, that McCain is the one opening up the hearings signals this is not going to be comfortable for the anti-gunners. He is generally pro gun control and that means he is not going to be seen as an NRA shill.

  4. “… the panel must ‘ensure further damage from this operation does not persist.'”

    McCain is trying to protect ATF from itself – what a cocksucker!

  5. What I found interesting in McCain’s letter was that he specifically said he wants to hear from Janet Napolitano. Has Issa’s committee called her yet? I don’t recall that it has.

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