ANJRPC Hires Executive Director

There’s been a lot of buzz around gun circles about the decision of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistols Clubs to hire Scott Bach as a full time Executive Director. Bitter and I know Scott pretty well, and he’s been ANJRPC’s full time executive director for a number of years without being paid anything. At some point, even if you plan well, you need to make a living, and for Scott that would have meant going back to spend more time on his law practice.

New Jersey is not going to make any significant gains legislatively for the foreseeable future. The State Assembly and Senate are too hostile to gun rights, and Chris Christie definitely doesn’t want to take a position on the issue by having to sign or veto legislation. New Jersey’s biggest potential gain is through the Courts, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. It is very important for ANJRPC to keep a competent attorney at their helm, and their Board’s decision to hire Scott is a recognition of that fact. While the pay Scott is receiving is less than he would make practicing law, as far as I’m concerned, any amount is well worth it for a gun rights group involved in Second Amendment lawsuits to not become leaderless, and lose a strong legal mind at this critical time.

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