FID & Purchase Permit Application Denials are Up

Cemetery reports that an attorney in New Jersey has noticed the trend:

More importantly however is that gun rights in New Jersey has taken a big step back.  Thus, I’m afraid that denials will spike and that they have actually already started.  I’ve been very, very successful with the many gun permit applications that I have handled.  However, I have noticed an increase in the amount of denials that other people have had.

I doubt the one-gun-a-month law, signed by Governor Corzine last month, has anything to do with it, since it does not go into effect until January. More likely there were many first time gun buyers motivated to go through an unfamiliar process during the Great Obama Gun Rush, and police departments are now getting around to denying a lot of applications which were improperly filled out.  New Jersey is one of those states where it probably makes sense to hire a lawyer to help you through the process.

6 thoughts on “FID & Purchase Permit Application Denials are Up”

  1. I don’t think a lawyer is needed if you have a clean record and decent police. The paperwork is frustrating and difficult to understand but not worth an attorney’s fees.

    I live in the boonies with no town police force so I submitted my paperwork through a State Police barracks – they were quite cooperative and helped me fix my mistakes (being polite pays off). I can see a gun-hating city chief making it impossible to get through the process. Then a lawyer will come in handy.

    I knew several state troopers when I was in the Guard. They hated the whole process as much as we do. They have to go through it to buy their weapons, and they have to spend time doing this paperwork instead of actual law-enforcement.

  2. Speaking of “SKUM BAGS”

    Let’s talk about the New Jersey State Police “Hope” Barracks –

    Permit to purchase a pistol submitted 25 June 09
    Originally told the hold up was at Headquarters
    Finally found out –
    Processed and sent to State Police Headquarters 03 September 09

    What a bunch of BS – They forget who they work for!!
    Also, this process should be contracted out!

  3. Wow – I went through the Hope barracks in February and had pistol buy permits back in hand in about a month.

  4. Every time I feel shitty about living in Illinois regarding my 2A rights, you guys from Jersey brighten my day a bit.

    That is some serious BS right there….

  5. Update:

    Sent a “Letter of Complaint” yesterday to the New Jersey Attorney Generals Office – I know nothing will be done but it shows them that I am not afraid to confront them.

    I wish more people would formally complain !

  6. Ok – Get a load of this new line of “BS”

    Called the State Police Firearms Unit on the 17th and they said the application had not arrived.

    Called the State Police Firearms Unit again this time on the 22nd and they said the application “miraculously” appeared after I had called on the 17th and it was processed and sent to the Hope Barracks.

    Called the State Police Firearms Unit today the 28th to confirm that the permits were processed and sent – The person I talked to was definitely annoyed that I would even call but eventually they gave in and confirmed that the permits were sent back to Hope Barracks.

    Now the good part – I was told that evidently they send everything by interoffice mail and I was also told it could take up to several weeks for Hope to receive them!!!!

    Again – This is total “BS” and a good reason to contract this process out.
    I also wonder how in the hell this procedure effects the “one gun a month” mess??

    In closing – I believe I have “pissed off” the Hope Barracks, the State Police Firearms Unit and the Attorney General’s Office but well worth it.

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