Hiding Research on Lead Ammunition

Apparently taxpayers in California paid for a bunch of studies on lead ammunition in California, but the state is refusing to release those studies to the public. What are they afraid of? If the studies support the case for banning lead ammunition, it should be pretty conclusive. Right? Right!?!?

3 thoughts on “Hiding Research on Lead Ammunition”

  1. What are they hiding? In four letters, two words, and an ampersand: UC Davis & UC Fresno. Both are notorious state supported “study mills”

    Davis is notorious for the studies that “proved” cigarettes will not hurt you, TV violence is good for you, snuff does not cause oral cancer, DDT would not hurt a fly, and so on. If you make something and want a study done proclaiming how innocuous it is, UC Davis is the place to go.

    And when Fresno or Davis is challenged, they are equally notorious for “losing the data” and otherwise refusing to be forthcoming. In that, they resemble the Holder DOJ.


  2. I think UC Santa Cruz is one of the main co- non-respondents, besides being a hot-bed of political correctness and Lefty vigor they are behind the Condor program and have a deeply vested interest in continuing the lives of a few extinct birds. Fresno is so new they just do as they are told by Davis or any other School…

  3. Meh, not really surprised. A study on a common metal used in ammunition in a state that willfully embraces an imaginary utopia and tries every year to justify its spending in search of said utopia?

    If there was ever a study they’d bury cuz it’s inconvenient, this one would be in the top 5.

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