Dueling Op-Eds in USA Today

USA Today itself is blaming the “gun lobby,” for gun smuggling to Mexico, with only passing mention of ATF being responsible. Their article today on Fast and Furious doesn’t seem to suggest there’s much to blame, except maybe the straw buyer.

But they did at least give NRA a say:

That must be some form! The administration claims it will help stop cartels from bringing drugs and mayhem to our country. Really?

Can this form also leap tall buildings in a single bound? President Obama must be kidding.

I find Wayne’s public rhetoric often sounds a bit contrived, but I think mockery is absolutely the correct way to deal with this, and the messaging here is good. The idea that you’re going to disarm drug trafficking networks with billions of dollars is absolutely ludicrous. Laughably ludicrous.

11 thoughts on “Dueling Op-Eds in USA Today”

  1. Of course the ATF thinks a form can solve the problem of violence in Mexico. Just like bureaucrats the world around, their entire existence relies on forms. Without forms, they would be nothing.

    When all you have is a hammer, the entire world is a nail, and if all you have is paper, the entire world is one big form to fill out.

  2. The ATF should simply be disbanded. It has no legitimate mission that is not redundantly covered by other law enforcement agencies.

    That said, the bigger problem is the Justice Department, which should be enforcing our laws without regard to political influence, but which has shown itself to be little more than a tool of both parties when they control the executive. I’m not sure what the solution is to that–put it under SCOTUS? allow FULL access to all DoJ records by the Congressional oversight committee? It’s a conundrum, but certainly the DoJ should not have direct control over any branch of law enforcement, such as the FBI or ATF, since civil rights abuses by law enforcement is near the top of the list of things DoJ is supposed to be preventing.

  3. “The idea that you’re going to disarm drug trafficking networks with billions of dollars is absolutely ludicrous. Laughably ludicrous.”

    Seriously, I mean they’re even building their own submarines. I think if they weren’t able to smuggle anymore for some reason, they could easily manufacture their own Kalashnikov variants and ammunition.

  4. It’s not that they’re building submarines that’s the problem. It’s that they are building un-registered submarines.

  5. Unregistered submarines full of unregistered guns with assault clips! Clearly, we need to alert the BAFTE anyone tries to buy five or more submarines at one time anywhere in California, Arizona, New Mexico or Texas.

  6. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and Submersibles.


    Getting closer to Bat-feces every day.

  7. With billions of dollars on-tap they can manufacture about anything they want, and if they had a State they could soon bid on jobs for us.
    Do they have as much or more money than Apple? Then they have as much or more than the .gov…
    If Mexico fails and the Narcos take-over, will they build Ford Lincoln MKZ submersibles in the Hermosillo, Sonora plant?

  8. Hey, I know! The ATF can start an undercover operation selling decommissioned nuclear submarines to the Zetas & FARC in order to find out who’s using them! Oh wait, they already know. Well, no matter! It’s still a great idea; somebody tell Eric Holder!

  9. Getting closer to Bat-feces every day.

    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, Cocaine, Exports, and Submersibles = BATFECES

    There we go.

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