But I Thought They Weren’t For Gun Bans

The Bradys seem to have flashed back to the 1970’s handgun freeze movement, which I would note failed on the ballot in California even then. It was tried in states like Massachusetts also, and failed there too. They seem to have forgotten their losses, even in their heyday, and fail to remember why they needed to change their name:

Bill Maher is certainly the kind of asshole that can make you pine for the past, but the past is gone, and I, for one, am happy to see the Brady’s wallowing in it. Amateurish mistakes like this have become part and parcel for Brady’s current new media strategy, if you can even call it that.

Peter Hamm was a worthy adversary. It’s quite sad to see what the Brady folks have turned into since. I don’t think there are any adults in charge there now. It is much the same feeling that sailors on the opposing side get watching an enemy ship sink beneath the waves, or a fighter pilot feels downing an enemy ace. You thirst for victory, but easily besting your opponent has a certain sadness to it.

12 thoughts on “But I Thought They Weren’t For Gun Bans”

  1. Bill Maher is all about Bill Maher. His audience is so small he has to piss off the Tea Partiers/Gun Friendly/pro life people to get any news coverage for himself. He is like Kathy Griffin in that regard, anything for press coverage.

  2. They’re playing to their lowest common denominator thinking those types will do more for the ’cause’ than read a twitter message.

  3. The Brady Center has always supported gun bans, most openly a ban on semiautos, they just keep the idea of bans in the background when it’s politically inconvenient for advancing their gun ban agenda. They’ve relied on their dishonesty on that point to allow them to make incremental advancements towards prohibition. Proof of their ban mentality lies in their filing briefs in support of the bans on privately owned handguns in D.C. and Chicago during Heller and McDonald, as if their unrelenting and unlimited animosity towards our gun rights isn’t proof enough.

  4. What the hell happened to Bill Maher? He seemed libertarian leaning and was pretty entertaining on his show Politically Incorrect years and years ago.

  5. Never interrupt an enemy when he is in the process of making mistakes…

    A real discussion of the facts is always preferrable to watching idiots do themselves, but I will settle for it. Screw ’em.

  6. Last week when Rep. Giffords returned to Congress, Maher tweeted the below:

    “Can’t get with media swoon over Gabby Gifford return to congress,a body that didn’t have the balls to outlaw machine guns on streets of USA”

    Enough said where Maher and gun rights are concerned.

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