Freaking Out Over Air Guns

Some local municipalities in Virginia are up in arms about being forced to allow, by state law, discharging of air guns provided reasonable care is taking for projectiles not to cross property boundaries. It’s amazing to me the kinds of things people will get hysterical about. To me this stipulation means you need an appropriate backstop, and if you have one, what’s the big deal?

7 thoughts on “Freaking Out Over Air Guns”

  1. The old saying goes, Guns don’t kill people, people do…..anything of the sort is totally fine…guns along with air rifles, etc. need to be treated with care and locked away in gun cabinets when not used.

    If RULES are followed, nobody gets hurt.

  2. We shoot my son’s red ryder in a pretty well developed area all the time. He uses one of those foam block archery target’s as a backstop, and behind that is a wood fence. Of course, a red ryder BB will neither break the skin nor travel more than 50 or 60 yards. But the people still freak out.

  3. Thats because they want to eliminate the want of guns from children. If your kids dont want to shoot… then why would they even ever consider trying to protect that right in the first place?

  4. They wouldn’t like Ohio where if you are not in a city you can rock full auto in the backyard.

  5. One might take up the throwing of cobblestones and see how they feel about the lower velocity/higher caliber concept as it compares to BB guns.

  6. It’s not just Vinton. About 30 of us, mostly members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), showed up at the Fairfax County Governmental Center (armed, no less!!!!!) when the supervisors debated changing their ordinance to comply with state law. The supervisors were dead set agin’ it, despite advice from the county attorney and citizen testimony all in favor. They finally passed changes after having debated this for a full hour.

    One supervisor even asked “You mean if someone fired a BB and broke a neighbor’s window the neighbor could no longer call the police????”

    Of course, mall children with baseballs have been doing this for over a century now, and the Republic has not yet crumbled, but BB Guns??? Air Rifles? The horror!

  7. Bill

    I intended to take my son down to the meeting with me for him to speak, but ended up having a last minute conflict. How was John Faust in the hearing?

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