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Shelley at Gun Nuts says:

A lot of people are quick to observe how a gun would not work for concealed carry but seem hesitant to think about how it could.  With the right holster and the right outfit it is much easier than most people expect to conceal carry full size firearms, much less a compact or smaller.

I’ve carried a Glock 19 pretty much since I’ve been carrying. It’s concealable in Winter, easily. Summer concealment is doable too, but does pretty much rule out the khakis and polo common in offices during summer months. I’ve been able to conceal it with an untucked t-shirt by moving to the 2:00 position (not practical if you’re going to spend any time sitting). I’ve also found looking down, you’re in a much better position to see printing than someone looking at your head on. Always ask someone else if you print. You might think you are when you really aren’t.

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  1. If you ask somebody make sure its somebody who doesn’t know what or where you’re carrying.

    I found my best trick was to carry around somebody agreeable to carry for a period of time, then point out your gun. If they look surprised your concealment garb works.

    EVERYTHING prints, hence why you ALWAYS see your gun when you look in the mirror. Put put it there and know EXACTLY where it is, so yeah you see it.

    Everybody else can also see the bump or bulge, but with a good concealment nobody is going to think “Gun”.

  2. Good tips Weer’d.

    I like to point out that I’m 6’3″ 150lbs and I can conceal a full size 1911 well enough to not get made. I’m going to try the Weer’d method and see if its because people don’t notice that I’m printing or if they don’t think its a gun.

  3. People put so much stuff on their hips these days like cellphones and medical device monitors that a noticeable lump may trigger “phone” instead of “gun” in any person’s mind.

  4. I am a 5’9″ 160 lbs male and I carry twin Glock 19’s appendix style, and I wear a size medium shirt. No one really notices because I am aware of good posture and I also work out a lot to reduce my abs and increase my chest size.

    I have also seen women appendix carry Glocks or similar with those “empire waist” blouses as well and its even harder to tell that something is there.

  5. I’ve had good luck concealing my G19 in khakis and polo type garb in a crossbreed supertuck holster. But my dad loves his comp-tac M-Tac.

  6. The hardest sell I had was concealing the standard Sig on a Secret Service employee who stood about 5′ 2″ and 100 pounds. A Yauqi strap with the barrel between her butt cheeks worked. With a loose top and tight pants nobody ever noticed the butt of the weapon. She was so stunning that even our female employees, who were heavily involved with the choice, couldn’t see it.

    That being said, I carried a Glock 22 concealed for many years without a comment from anyone. I stand 5′ 10″ and weigh 155. One day a teller at the bank actually asked me if I was armed because she was curious. She knew I managed a shooting range (I was making our daily deposit) and gave concealed carry classes (on my business card which I gave out freely). Practicing what I preach, I changed the subject rather than answer her question.

    Once the weapon becomes part of your routine it becomes easier to find comfortable ways to wear it effectively. I used a “clip-on” style holster that was adjustable so I could change where it was positioned on me.

    Another article on this website mentions Khar. I love them. A 1″ thick 40cal with six to seven shots can make you feel pretty comfortable at an ATM late at night. Just as accurate as my competition Glock but a third the size. Sweet.

  7. To expand on changing locations of the holster, I am left handed. With car jackings in mind, when I would get into a vehicle I would change to cross draw. It is a real pain to draw from behind your left hip with your left hand while sitting in the driver’s seat. Depending on what I was wearing and what I was doing I could adjust.

    And yes, everything I posted is past tense. I am doing something else now.

    Just sayin’

  8. Hehe, A spring Airsoft gun tends to make an awesome backup weapon however I wouldn’t normally need to rely on it as my primary weapon. you would be way out gunned against these electric machine guns now in play.

  9. “This is where my dress is an advantage:”

    Darn, Ian, I didn’t think about wearing a dress. Although I always recommended a knee length one for my customers if they were going to conceal on the thigh.

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