Fourth Generation Glock

Looks like the ad that made the rounds last week is actually for real, and the new Glocks will be introduced at SHOT this year, and will be manufactured in the United States.  I’ve added the Glock 36 to my wish list this year, possibly to replace my Glock 19 as my primary carry gun.

7 Responses to “Fourth Generation Glock”

  1. SayUncle says:

    I’d go with the 30. And have.

  2. Mad Saint Jack says:

    Hmmmm, more perfect???

    I’d go with the 30 too. having a big magazine is kinda the whole point of buying a glock IMHO.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Yeah, comparing the specs side-to-side, I have to admit there’s not much advantage of the 36 over the 30.

  4. ATL says:

    I have shot the 30SF about a month ago and liked the pistol for the size. It’s a like a beefier Glock 19, Very “carry-able,” and shoot likes a dream. All in all I I still like the 21SF better. That pistol flat out rawks!

  5. Mad Saint Jack says:

    Hi, my name is MSJ and I’m a hi-cap junkie.

  6. Mopar says:

    I missed this one first time around.
    My wife has a 36. We did look at the 30 as well, but even though the 2 are close, there are differences that may or may not matter to you. The main one for her was weight. A fully loaded 30 is about 30% heavier then a fully loaded 36. The 36 is also about 1/4 inch wider. The 30 is only slightly wider/heavier then the 19 you carry now, so it probably won’t be all that different for you. Her other carry gun is a Kel-Tec, and the differences between the 30 and the 36 really stood out.
    Of course for the bigger size you get 4 more rounds, but there are always tradeoffs. Besides, I believe most defensive shootings are 3rnds or less?

  7. Mopar says:

    Errr, I meant to say the 36 is 1/4 inch NARROWER then the 30.


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