Political Consequences of Norway Massacre

Already being felt in Scandinavia. Even though the Swedish media is suggesting their gun laws would have stopped the mass killer, Sweden is still looking at tightening it’s laws. Finland was already on its way to doing so, and is now following through, with handgun sales plummeting as the new law takes effect.

We watchful of the gun control proponents, who don’t want to ban guns, by the way, speaking enthusiastically about how much more common sense Europeans have for implementing common sense laws, while America continues to do nothing.

8 thoughts on “Political Consequences of Norway Massacre”

  1. There were some mistaken reports that he had a fully-automatic rifle IIRC. He apparently got work done on it to give it a hair trigger, specifically to be able to shoot faster.

  2. When the FINNS are giving up their guns, Europe is lost. I would have thought they, at least, would have seen this problem as a LACK of available firearms.

  3. I guess they’ll be looking across the pond again the next time a crack-pot *insert tyrant-type here* gets the itch for global expansion. They must not teach history over there. I guess they need to repeat it to remember.

  4. Hi,

    I’m writing from France. We’re indeed already feeling the heat.

    Belgian politicians have already called for “stronger” gun laws.

    In France, we’re in the middle of an overhaul of our gun laws since last winter. Tell me about bad timing …

    As Cargosquid said, with the Finns slowly giving up, it looks like gun ownership in the EU will slowly die out, just like in the UK.

    Apart from the Swiss it looks like civilian gun owners are an endangered specie …

  5. How are things in the Czech Republic? I had gotten the impression their firearms laws were quite liberal, even up to an attainable concealed carry.

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