Leave Gun Safety to Experts

CSGV would like to think they know a thing or two about gun safety. They do not. Otherwise they would not be promoting [UPDATE: Completely misread this tweet. CSGV isn’t promoting it, they are having it pitched to them.] This product is dangerous:

So let me see if I understand how this product works. The bar goes through the trigger guard? Brilliant! What could possibly go wrong? They warn you not to use it to store loaded weapons, but the fundamental design is flawed and unnecessary. It is, without a doubt, completely inferior to a product like this, which is what I’d recommend if you have children in the house. It has the added advantage of being able to safely store a loaded firearm. I believe trigger locks are inferior and dangerous for the same reason. Cable locks are great for child access prevention, if used properly, but not so great for theft prevention.

Warnings about not storing loaded guns or not, someone is going to get injured if this product is widely adopted. It’s a bad idea, and these folks should be ashamed of themselves for promoting it.

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  1. Agreed, and I’m surprised a company is actually marketing something that forces you to violate one of the four rules. Never mind the ‘make sure it’s unloaded’, one of the other rules is to assume it always is. The way I see it, you would always be in contradiction by using this.

  2. I’m a little fuzzy on my knowledge of how Twitter works but I don’t see how that’s CSGV endorsing anything. You can send a direct message to anybody on Twitter, right? It just doesn’t show up in your “inbox” unless you follow them I thought.

  3. @Justin – I was thinking the same thing. I’m just now kind of figuring out the whole Twitter thing, but it looks like it was just posted to them.

    Still seems like a lousy product, though.

  4. If I was more cynical than I am, I’d accuse them of wanting more people to get hurt, so they could say “There’s no safe way to store a gun! Even locking it up makes it go bang!”

    But I’m not that cynical, and I agree that this is simply utter ignorance.

    Pyro: One of the other rules is “never cover something you’re not willing to destroy”, yet it’s impossible to store a gun in a safe without doing that, unless you really are willing to destroy your roof/floor/walls/safe.

    So I think we can cut people a little slack there.

    (Also, if guns are always loaded, and you should never do maintenance on a loaded gun, does that mean we should never maintain our guns? How can a gunsmith ever do his job?

    And if they’re always loaded, doesn’t that mean that all deliveries to gun shops are of loaded guns? And that’s crazy stupid; you should never ship a loaded gun!

    No – it means the rules aren’t magic incantations that are Truth in all circumstances. They’re useful shorthand for safe gun handling, to both limit the occurrence of NDs and to limit their harm.)

  5. @Sigivald

    Yea I realize the rules aren’t magic. My point is that it’s probably better to not use something like this, particularly if it’s going to be used to regularly stow a carry piece.

    I feel the same way about loading/unloading a carry gun at the start and end of your day. The more you handle and manipulate it the greater the chances of you making a mistake eventually. For myself, I leave it loaded and remove the entire holster with the gun still secured within it.

    Obviously you can’t do that for all situations, like if young children around.

  6. look at the @ line. I’m no twitter expert, bu tI read 1962RACMan with CSGV. So it looks like the company is in cohoots witht he anti-guinners.

    CSGV then touts the product after that. I wonder who owns the comapany and what relationships they have with CSGV?

  7. I feel like a bad, bad person, because when Ma & Pa Kettle did that little flinch on the sofa, I laughed my ass off at the bad acting rather than getting all moist-eyed at the implied tragedy.

    Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned…

  8. I put this up just leaving the house, and completely misread the Tweet. It was being pitched to CSGV. The rest of the post is still accurate. I’ve struck the part about them promoting it.

  9. That is totally ridiculous. I would never use a product to lock my gun that doubles as a bike lock. Also, there are plenty of good, small gun vaults for less than $150. That is, by far a better option.

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