Exceeding Lawful Authority

It’s amazing how many progressive types don’t get the problem with the multi-long-gun reporting requirement implemented by ATF. Many of them were quick to jump on George Bush for liberally interpreting executive authority when that authority brushed up against other constitutional rights, but Obama does it, and it’s just peachy.

4 thoughts on “Exceeding Lawful Authority”

  1. Some do see the problem, they realize it gives them advantage curtailing gun ownership , others are just clueless.

  2. And this will only set the stage for the eventual executive takeover of ALL power at some point in the future. There is a ratchet effect – Obama says “well, Bush 43 did it…”, and Bush 43 says “well, we have ample precedent handed down from Clinton…”, and so on and so forth… until the president’s office becomes in effect the emperor’s palace.

    These people had better hope that they will always have a Democrat in that office!

  3. A friend of mine said it best: “If this happened under Bush, we’d be into the impeachment hearings already.”

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