Delaware Housing Authority Folds

From the Caesar Rodney Institute:

A section in the handbook requiring that tenants must “not possess explosives, firearms or flammable material on NHA’s property,” will be removed, Detwiler told the Caesar Rodney Institute Wednesday morning.

Detwiler, who is nearing the end of his six-year term as commissioner, said NHA executive director Marene Jordan is “looking to change the pamphlet a soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, Detwiler said, NHA residents may possess firearms, “as long as they’re legal.”

“It should be an absolute moot issue in the near future,” Detwiler said. “The handbook was misleading. I think the previous executive director made up that policy. I do believe it is my constitutional right [to own firearms]. I support my Constitution.”

Jordan did not immediately return calls seeking comment

Gun bans at the Newark Housing Authority, along with the Delaware State Housing Authority and those in Wilmington and Dover are the subject of an ongoing series by the Caesar Rodney Institute.

After the series was published, the National Rifle Association informed the housing authorities they would take legal action if the unconstitutional gun bans were not immediately withdrawn.

I will continue to laugh at those who say Heller was a loss or didn’t mean anything. Now all it takes to get an unconstitutional gun ban out the door is a sharply worded letter. That wouldn’t have been possible without the Supreme Court ruling.

2 thoughts on “Delaware Housing Authority Folds”

  1. “explosives, firearms or flammable material”

    OK, rescinding this is a win.

    But how the heck was it ever supposed to work anyway? Was no-one allowed to have candles (flammable) in case of power outage, or matches (explosives) with which to light said candles? Yeah, some version of “prosecutorial discretion” would be applied and such items not cause for termination of lease – unless a particulary tenant was targeted…

  2. I do love the sound of vigorous back-pedaling! It’s the same sound most of the handgun ban municipalities up in Chicago made post-Heller.

    Get ready for more of this.

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