Did Rosie See This?

In California, it seems that fire has melted steel:


It’s quite possible though that fire has not melted steel here, and that moments before the tanker truck “caught fire”, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were slinking around setting detonation charges to bring the bridge down.   If I were Oakland, I’d start to worry.   Clearly they are using this as a pretext for invasion, so they can get the war they always wanted against Jerry Brown.

At least that’s how I’m expecting the 9/11 truthers to spin this, since fire apparently can’t melt steel.

2 thoughts on “Did Rosie See This?”

  1. I never understood those retards. Obviously glowingly hot softened steel isnt going to hold up 40 stories of skyscraper even if it never gets to melting. When silencers and gun barrels die from heat, liquid metal doesnt spray everywhere- they get soft and deform from the stress long before the melting point.

  2. They also act like the plane fuel was the only thing burning, forgetting the fact that carpets, drapes, furniture, people, etc were contributing factors.

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