Defensive Handgun Blog talks about some pants Robb actually might want to wear:

What are Go-Pants? Somewhere in between not being armed and strapping on a tactical vest and an AR-15 to survive the zombiepocalypse is a useful set of tools to deal with the problems that present themselves on a more regular basis.

Interesting concept.  Personally, I wouldn’t answer to the door for someone I wasn’t expecting or didn’t know if I didn’t already have a pistol in arms reach.  I don’t have a set of Go-Pants.  If I’m expecting trouble, I have a go rifle.

3 Responses to “Go-Pants”

  1. andy says:

    I figure, if someone is going through the trouble of breaking in in the middle of the night, he can see my muzzle AND my boxers. If he’s lucky, they’ll be cool Spongebob boxers, too.

  2. Matthew Carberry says:

    Clearly stolen from Sluggy Freelance…

    Torg’s “Emergency Pants” concept.


  3. Tom says:

    “Go-pants” sound like some middle aged diaper. Maybe something you would have to call a diaper to “sell” it to kids.