We Don’t Need Castle Doctrine or High Cap Magazines

The city politicians who believe this title need to explains the bands of feral teenagers wandering their city and beating people to the point of hospitalization. Given that we know the city will prosecute you for defending yourself against people intent on just giving you a thorough beating, it’s yet another reason not to go into the city.

According to the police report of the incident, Guendelsberger was “jumped” by 30 to 40 men who punched and kicked her numerous times. Police said they checked the area for surveillance but had no luck.

Shortly before Guendelsberger’s assault, police said, they responded to another assault, about five blocks away at Broad Street and Fairmount Avenue, of a 20-year-old man who said that he was attacked by a large group of men and women.

Police said that he was treated for a bruise and abrasion under his right eye.

Twitter users said that the mob ranged from 50 to 100 people and that participants not only assaulted people but also threw trash cans and lit fireworks.

I’ll be honest with you, it’s getting to the point I don’t know if you can carry enough gun in that city. The politicians who run the city should be ashamed. Green St. and Broad isn’t exactly the ghetto.

18 thoughts on “We Don’t Need Castle Doctrine or High Cap Magazines”

  1. “…the natural right of resistance and self preservation, when the sanctions of society and laws are found insufficient to restrain the violence of oppression.” -Blackstone

  2. Fifty to one hundred people? What are they reenacting a zombie hoard? What a bunch of animals.

  3. Packing list for my next trip to Philly:

    For dealing with Flash Rob Mob
    1 – Sig Sauer P226 Tactical
    4 – 20 round Magazines
    80 – Rounds of 9mm

    For dealing with the Philadelphia Police who respond
    1 – Olympus digital audio recorder.

  4. @Voolfie, The flash will be significantly attenuated and the bang somewhat so. There are, however, outdoor alternatives.

    @Pyrotek85, [shrug] A couple of USPSA Grandmasters with fully loaded belts could have a hoard like that taken care of in under 10 seconds. There probably wouldn’t be a second hoard for a generation or two.

  5. I’m with Joe: Even 2-3 guys with pistol-caliber lever rifles (major, not minor) could resolve the issue in under 15 seconds. Shoot, shovel, shut up.

    Done once, I doubt the event would need to be repeated for quite some time.

    I strongly suspect something similar will be the only means of rectifying this particular issue, probably nationwide, at some point, and the sooner the offenders learn that the fewer will suffer.

  6. Yeah, they’re just “teenagers”. Why not call them what they truly are – ghetto thugs. We should not be afraid of the racial implications of describing them accurately. There are plenty of white, asian, and hispanic ghetto thugs out there as well. They SHOULD be marginalized and ridiculed for their ghetto baboonery, which is the best term I can imagine for their behavior. All civilized people should agree on this.

  7. “Green St. and Broad isn’t exactly the ghetto.”

    It soon will be.

  8. Seems like assault clips should be required accessories for any trip to the city.

  9. Mariner, I live five blocks away from where this happened and I’m here to tell you that this neighborhood is not going to be allowed to hit the skids. If a few ‘non-citizens’ have to be dispatched before that lesson is learned, then so be it.

  10. Broad and Green is within walking distance of the ghetto. It might be relatively nice in the immediate area, but it is still only a hop, skip, and jump from ground zero of a zombie outbreak.

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