Fast and Furious All NRA’s Fault

That would appear to be the conclusion of the Washington Post.

Now, the very critics who have tied the bureau’s hands are expressing outrage over a novel, and we would agree questionable, ATF operation intended to curb gun smuggling into Mexico.

If they get any deeper in the tank for this Administration, they are going to need one of these. Their conclusions do not fit what’s come out so far in the hearings. We know, for instance, that ATF did not “lose track” of these weapons. They did not bother to track them at all.

One thought on “Fast and Furious All NRA’s Fault”

  1. Markie Marxist sez: “Those NRA guys made it illegal for ATF to smuggle guns to criminals, so ATF had to break the law to do it! See! It really is the NRA’s fault that ATF broke the law!”

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