Five Too Many

New Jersey already limits magazine capacity to fifteen rounds in magazines. Apparently some lawmakers think that having those five extra rounds is just too wild and crazy, and are proposing to reduce the arbitrary and ridiculous limit to ten.

Truth is, New Jersey is in the middle of the pack. Maryland is 20 rounds. New York is 10. New Jersey was in the middle. The even greater truth is these lines are totally arbitrary, and have nothing to do with public safety. This is just another opportunity for our opponents to get more law abiding un owners behind bars where they think we belong.

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  1. “Truth is, New Jersey is in the middle of the pack.”

    Considering the large number of states that have no such arbitrary and capricious restrictions, I’m not sure that any of the states with restrictions should be said to be in the “middle of the pack”. The default position is and should be freedom.

  2. Man, this 75-round drum for my AK47 sure is sweet. It’s great living in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

    You sure those other states mentioned are actually in America? Because they sound unAmerican.

  3. They’re anti-American. The commie libs loathe everything American. They have a special dislike for freedom, since it allows people to not be commie libs like them, which they regard as something wrong that should be corrected by law.
    They’re Democrats, but they hate democracy because it doesn’t produce the politically correct results they want, so they ultimately support totalitarian government, so that people can be forced by law to be more like them.

  4. There 10 States that obviously do not get it. The problem with those states is like minded gun friendly people have already left. That leaves a minority of folks who can get it done!

    The only people that benefit from these laws are the lawyers.

  5. I live in Maryland and it’s very strange here indeed. The law is worded such that you just cannot buy, sell, build or take possession of magazines with a capacity of greater than 20 rounds while in the state of Maryland. You can absolutely own larger magazines though you just have to buy them somewhere else.

  6. “The even greater truth is these lines are totally arbitrary, and have nothing to do with public safety. This is just another opportunity for our opponents to get more law abiding un owners behind bars where they think we belong.”

    Also note that I have my eye on BOTH a S&W M&P9, and a S&W M&P16-22. I have not (and will not) buy either because I don’t see a point in buying a pistol built for 17 rounds that only holds 10, nor do I see a point in buying a gun with an M4 stock that is pinned in place. Also given that a .22LR AR-type gun would be a great training gun for new shooters (and maybe shooters who might find appeal in the EBR look) I WANT an adjustable stock so I can give it to a 10-year old learning to shoot, or a 90lb woman, or a 200lb 6+ footer, and all have a comfortable length of pull.

    That’s money not spent, and guns not owned. That’s their goal. Just like how I’ve taken friends to trips to the range, and had them express interest in buying a gun…only to not bother when they realized the hoops to jump through.

  7. Md has several bills in the house/senate to reduce magazine capacity to 10, by the way.

    What a bunch of bastards.

  8. What Jesse M says in #6 is right about Maryland’s magazine limitation law being weird.

    I stopped at an army/navy store in Maryland one day. This army/navy store had ALICE and MOLLE gear like most of them do, and one of the M16 magazine ALICE pouches hanging on a rack had three actual 30-round M16 magazines inside of it.

    So, I asked the guy working there how much for the pouch and the magazines together. The guy told me that he could not sell me the magazines – just the pouch. I asked him why not. The guy told me that the magazines were in the pouch for display purposes only, and that it is against the law in Maryland to transfer any magazine which has a capacity over 20 rounds.

    So then I asked the guy where he got his 30-round magazines since by then I was assuming that he lived in Maryland. He told me that he got them all at a gun show in Virginia, and that it is legal for Maryland folks to do such a thing.

    Anyway, I could not agree more with what Wes says in #3 – living in free American states where people can buy their 75-round AK drums without any hassles sure is sweet.

  9. NJ’s magazine law is even more bizarre than MD’s. The magazine itself is considered an assault weapon. So even if you don’t own any guns at all, if you carry a 16 round mag in from PA, you’re committing several felonies in NJ: possession of a high capacity magazine, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and unlawful possession of a weapon (yes, those are two different charges, for those of you in the free states…).

  10. Living in NJ, I’m reminded regularly by junk legislation and junk journalism just how far from America we’ve shifted. The presumption of innocence upon which our justice system rests is still working… unless you’re a lawful gun owner. Then you are guilty and must your innocence through explicit exceptions to the law banning this or that object or behavior. Never mind the US constitution, or the 2A recently applied to the states. Never mind even the NJ state constitution, which in part reads:


    1. All persons are by nature free and independent, and have certain natural and unalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and of pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness.

    Generations of hoplophobes mindlessly support the abrogation of 2A rights out of ignorance and fear, born of decades of prejudicial media exposure. They ignore facts and the tide of history, all the while trotting out tired, false rhetoric to support their indefensible positions.

    If it were not for them, and the unbelievable tax burdens, Jersey would be a much nicer place to live. It’s too bad really, as it could have lots to offer. Florida, I’m coming home…. one day soon.

  11. I have a 50+ year old Sears .22 rifle that is considered an illegal assault rifle in NJ because its tube mag will hold 17rds… This is the same exact gun that many people, even in NJ, might have carried slung over their backs while they rode their bicycles to school in the 50s and 60s.

  12. The really weird thing – if it’s got a fixed mag and is not semi-automatic, you can have as many in the tube as you like. Only if it’s a semi-auto does the law care how many rounds are in the fixed magazine. This goes for shotguns as well…

    (As noted above, a detachable mag over 15 is verboten on its own)

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