Joyce Brady Mayors and Moms Against Illegal Gun Coalitions on Violence Policy Campaign

Did I leave anyone out?

It seems like Max Nacheman is out to rebrand the anti-gun movement into one big happy family – or at least laugh all the way to the bank on every group’s dime. First, he was on the payroll of MAIG while also speaking to policymakers as a representative of the Brady Campaign. Now, Max has taken over the head of CeaseFirePA since its leader decided to throw in the towel and make a run for local office.

His group is now merged with Moms Against Guns which scammed Clear Channel’s outdoor advertising department by misrepresenting their tax status to get free billboard space that they used for political advocacy when it was slotted for charitable organizations. Only he found their name to be a liability. On their site, the text references to Moms Against Guns have been changed to Moms Against (Illegal) Guns. Not that a name change should matter since Moms Against Guns was never legally registered as a charitable organization. I also find it funny that in taking over the Moms Against Guns website, they Photoshopped the word “illegal” onto the logo and, I guess, hope that no one notices that they never made the distinction between illegal and legal guns before.

CeaseFirePA has also recently donated some of their front page space to promote the MAIG petition for growing their email list restricting gun shows. The same front page also touts the group’s recent Joyce grant to pay Max’s salary grow their “grassroots.”

I guess when the folks in charge of the finances finally find someone who is willing to throw their entire career to a cause that continues to lose at nearly every turn, all the groups will jump up to pay him to keep on trying for something.

(Photo courtesy of reader Adam Z.)

3 thoughts on “Joyce Brady Mayors and Moms Against Illegal Gun Coalitions on Violence Policy Campaign”

  1. Wow, that’s a crappy job with the logo. It makes it look like “illegal” was an afterthought (which I’m sure it was).

  2. So they are against illegal guns, and want stronger gun laws.

    Does that mean they really want to ban everything below .357Mag?

  3. I think they left out lots of important people. What about:

    postal workers
    automotive workers
    retail workers

    They hat guns too

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