Joining the Fray

The Brady Campaign is now joining Coalition to Ban Handguns in their desire to see the attention shifted away from a large government-sponsored gun running scandal onto Congressman Issa and the need for new gun control laws:

It’s never been more obvious what a scam their phony concern about “gun violence” is. They don’t give a crap about gun violence. All they care about is restricting the 2A to the greatest extent possible.

As Cam Edwards is actively pointing out as I’m writing this, there’s no amount of new gun laws that’s going to help if the federal government is actively encouraging their undermining.

4 thoughts on “Joining the Fray”

  1. This just goes to prove again that it’s not about the guns.

    They are simply anti-rights, and some of them focus on part of the rights USA was founded on: gun rights.

  2. I think you should fully expect Rep. Elijah Cummings and other Democrats to push this. Cummings all but said this yesterday in his opening statement when he said he will hold minority hearings and have other witnesses. A couple of the Dem members of Oversight tried to get in questions on gun control and Issa ruled them out of order.

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