Tough Night for the Brady Campaign

The President’s State of the Union address would have been a prime opportunity for Obama to speak about gun control. The police officer who stopped the Fort Hood shooting was among the audience, but was never acknowledged (none of his guests were, actually, which is kind of shocking). You have all the props there to make a good argument for the Brady Position. Not a peep. Nothing. That has to hurt, especially after they tried to embarrass him by making a media sensation out of giving him a failing grade.

3 thoughts on “Tough Night for the Brady Campaign”

  1. Brady Campaign giving Obama an “F” last week and then going on the talk sow circuit to be sure everybody knew about it probably didn’t impress many in the pro-gun crowd, but it was politically stupid on their part. I doubt they’ll be coming to many cocktail parties at the White House for awhile. At least one hopes not.

  2. Gee, after 30-plus years of media whoring, it must really suck to discover that you’ve become irrelevant. Karma’s a really angry female dog….

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