Seen at the Office

Watching some of the last equipment from our chemistry labs head out the door today with the people who won the auctions, I noticed this:

My first thought was, I know someone who’d see about that. My money would be that Boomerite beats refrigerator. If we were located in Idaho, I would have bid on this freezer just to put that to the test :)

10 Responses to “Seen at the Office”

  1. TS says:

    It might be “explosion proof” in that it was located in a classified combustible gas area and designed be to not be capable of producing a spark which could ignite gas if present.

    Still, no less fun blowing it up.

  2. wfgodbold says:

    But would Indiana Jones bet his life on it?

  3. mobo says:

    It just means that it’s rated for use in hazardous environments where vapors/dusts might present an explosion hazard.

    In reality, it’s mostly just a scam to make an otherwise $500 refrigerator cost $3,000. :)

  4. eriko says:

    The electric valves (solenoids) are external to the enclosure so that gas build up inside will not get set up.

  5. I know I would be more than happy to submit it to the Idaho stress test. Only catch is cleaning all that crap up afterwards.


  6. We’ve done refrigerators, various vehicles, caskets, a boat, and other miscellany here in PA…would have been more than happy to run an integrity check on it for ya at our next shoot!

  7. Joe Huffman says:

    What the others said about dust and gas explosions.

    What Barron said about the Idaho stress test.

  8. Ian Argent says:

    So why didn’t they label it as “intrinsically safe?” Or is that only used for radio equipment like walkie-talkies or cellphones?

    Incidentally, one of the few valid reasons for a property owner to ban firearms would be because they aren’t intrinsically safe for the purpose of generating sparks…

  9. TS says:

    The term “explosion proof” is often used for enclosures, such as a NEMA 7 rating, while “intrinsically safe” refers to the circuitry.

  10. Ian Argent says:

    Thought that might be the reason.