Winning in California

Permit issuance is apparently up dramatically in Sacramento County, California, largely due to their decision to go shall-issue in response to a lawsuit filed by SAF and the Calguns Foundation. John also reports this is driving the Brady Campaign in California mad. All I have to say is that they better get used to losing. Their little six state party of riding roughshod over our rights will soon be reversing itself, and it’ll be our turn to flip the tables.

5 thoughts on “Winning in California”

  1. Awesome. Though it is the county Sheriff. I think we are a long way before urban police departments start issuing permits.

  2. The county Sheriff is always who you go to even in urban areas. I am looking forward the the San Diego case. Hopefully this will force shall issue in our state.

  3. There are strategic reasons nobody is bothering with city police chiefs.

    Also, ca law prohibits either the SO or PD saying ‘you must apply to so and so first’. Apply to your sheriff, no need to go through the PD first, unless you live in the very rare city that has a CCW friendly police chief. Fresno city may be one of the few cities that are ccw ‘friendly’ but not shall issue.

  4. I live in Sacramento County and received my CCW Thursday, June 2, 2011. It was a long and moderately expensive voyage but well worth it. Ahh, the sweet smell of freedom.

  5. The dadge used by those who distrust anyone but cops and criminals to carry concealed is the “good cause” part of the license application. In areas like LA, it is set so high they can refuse about anyone they want, but if you have connections, that barrier goes away like Ali Baba’s cave door.

    The Sacto sheriff decided to accept “self-defense” as adequate good cause, and many more rural counties are similarly inclined. Eqaulity before the law is impossible with the current system but it is a hard fight.

    If the dullards in the Legislature get their way and ban open carry, it may backfire on them. The “open carry” rule has been used as an excuse to defend the “may issue” CCW system. Without it, “may issue” is going to be harder to defend in court in light of 2A being a fundamental right via Heller and McDonald.

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