Speaking of California

When it comes to gun laws, it might as well be a Northeastern state.  But California still has very western laws on self-defense.  My understanding is that castle doctrine is largely already law there.  That’s why in cases like this, I would expect the defenders to walk.  But as the article mentions, a lot depends on your jury pool.  California may have better self-defense laws than Pennsylvania does, but I’d much rather face a jury in Carbon County Pennsylvania, than an Alameda County jury in California.

2 thoughts on “Speaking of California”

  1. The article that you reference is from a ‘red’ part of California. Anderson and Redding jury pools would likely be very different than Alameda and the ‘left coast’ communities of Northern California.

  2. Minstrel is correct, Redding is rural and redneck and Shasta County is a good place to be if you’re a conservative – but back in the woods they have a meth-lab problem and the kids are getting the low-grade C- California education, which is a pipeline of mostly left-leaning propaganda .

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