Speaking of California

When it comes to gun laws, it might as well be a Northeastern state.  But California still has very western laws on self-defense.  My understanding is that castle doctrine is largely already law there.  That’s why in cases like this, I would expect the defenders to walk.  But as the article mentions, a lot depends on your jury pool.  California may have better self-defense laws than Pennsylvania does, but I’d much rather face a jury in Carbon County Pennsylvania, than an Alameda County jury in California.

2 Responses to “Speaking of California”

  1. Minstrel says:

    The article that you reference is from a ‘red’ part of California. Anderson and Redding jury pools would likely be very different than Alameda and the ‘left coast’ communities of Northern California.

  2. DirtCrashr says:

    Minstrel is correct, Redding is rural and redneck and Shasta County is a good place to be if you’re a conservative – but back in the woods they have a meth-lab problem and the kids are getting the low-grade C- California education, which is a pipeline of mostly left-leaning propaganda .